Awards and Accolades

A sampling of what we hear from parents every day:

"Swim Life was amazing with my son who was very timid from the start. Now, he not only loves his swim lessons, he has gained self-confidence and is happy to show-off for anyone that will watch!!"

Victoria C

Lake Mary, Florida

"I absolutely believe in this! We have experienced two companies that teach this technique but Swim Life is the only one that teaches both how to self rescue and how to swim. My kids hated water on their face in the bath tub and now they swim without floating devices or goggles! Totally worth every penny! Highly recommended!!!"

Kim W

Verona, Kentucky

"As a parent, there is nothing like the assurance that comes from watching your 3 year old and 18 month-old independently perform the skills necessary to save their own lives in the water. Aside from the safety aspect, they gained tremendous self-confidence, enhanced their problem solving abilities and increased their physical endurance. This program was vital to our family’s relocation to a coastal community and to our overall peace of mind."

Melissa B

"As a grandmother and former educator, I have high standards for the people who teach my grandchildren. After researching a variety of options, I chose Swim Life. They have taught thousands of children to swim, yet treated my grandchild like he was THE most special person in the world. His parents and I feel confident that he has the skills needed to enjoy and respect the water."

Pam C

"I would definitely recommend this course to everyone with children."

Theresa B

Union, Kentucky

"Our daughter Irene started when she was just 20 months old. After the first week of 15 min lessons for 4 days in a row she had breath holding down and could swim with her face in the water about 3 feet. At the end of 5 weeks she could swim and float when she needed to breathe across the pool. Now she can swim across the pool and back and we know that if for some crazy reason our pool cover got left open and she fell in she would be able to swim to the stairs and get herself out of the water even if she fell in the deep end."

Mitch & Cheryl G

"This is an amazing program. I recommend it to anyone looking for a successful swim program."

Michelle K

"I recommend Swim Life to everyone seeking!"

Aditi C

Longwood, Florida

"My daughter has loved swimming ever since we started lessons. She wants to go in the pool all the time! We started when she was 10.5 months"

Jennifer D

"I watched in amazement as my child learned the skills she will need to be safe in the water this summer! In just a few lessons she was learning so quickly and just looked forward to “swimmy” everyday. We love this program so much we plan to continue her lessons and build her swimming skills. Thank you for offering this program in our area! Because of you my girl will be able to float and stay alive if for any reason she fell in to the pool! I can’t say thank you enough for what you have given Ella & I! Confidence and peace of mind! Keep up the great work!"

Shawna B