Okinawa – Laura Ramirez 

Coach Laura was born in Medellín, Colombia (South América), where she lived until she was 26 years old. In 2014 she decided to marry and then move to Okinawa to start a family with an Air Force member.  She is part of a numerous and very united family and all of them are still in her hometown.

After High School, She lived in London for one year where she learned English. She earned a Bachelors degree in Advertisement with a Minor in Merchandise.  She worked in her family business for almost six years, where she was in charge of all the Publicity for the company.

Since she was small, Coach Laura has been very passionate about sports and a healthy lifestyle. She became a paraglide pilot in Colombia, has participated in gym competitions and loves running, swimming and riding her bike. All of these sports, and especially becoming a mom of a very active boy, developed in her a great passion for safety. This passion is why she enrolled her son in swimming lessons with Swim Life, and she fell in loved with the program. 

She was offered to train and become a Certified Coach with Swim Life, to which she immediately said YES, especially because she plans to be in Okinawa for a long period and she wants to help parents and children to be safer near water.

 Coach Laura's certifications include:

·       Swim Life Aquatic Education Specialist 

·      American Red Cross Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid 

·       Bilingual: Spanish / English

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