Why Swim Life?

Not all swimming lessons are created equal

Here’s what makes us different… and what makes us great!


Your child will love his or her Swim Life swim instructor! Why? Our instructors are carefully screened and selected for their ability to connect with children and for their passion for drowning prevention. They initially receive over 100 hours of hands-on training and complete an intensive academic curriculum before they are certified.

We embrace the "never stop learning" mindset and all of our instructors continue their education annually. This means your child receives the most innovative, effective, swim lessons with proven success, every single lesson.

Our instructors love the water, love to teach, love children, and are passionate about water safety for families!


Your child will learn faster in our one-on-one lessons than in other lessons, whether private, semi- private, or group.

Our 4 day a week program achieves remarkable results, even in the first week! And we invite parents into the water on a weekly basis so that you can practice learned skills with your child. We've found parent interaction is important to happy, successful progression of skills.

Once your child is skilled in survival swim skills, we offer several ongoing lesson programs for additional skill building, added confidence, and fun!


Many families reach out to us when their child has not succeeded in other swim lessons, and they all say, "I wish we'd found you sooner!"

Parents quickly discover that Swim Life is a much greater value, both financially and time wise, because we achieve real success in fewer lessons than any other program. Our results speak for themselves.

You’ll be amazed at what your child can accomplish!

Your child can Float Like a Boat in just a few days!