Young Children

We’ve Taught Thousands Of Children To Be Happy, Independent Lifelong Swimmers!

All of our students learn to swim and float independently first, because this is what will help them survive a fall into the water. Once skilled and comfortable in the water, your child can progress to learning to safely jumping into the pool, dive for pool toys, snorkel and more!

Parents are invited in the water once a week to practice with their child and learn all the basics about family water safety. Your child will love to show off for you each week!

Our lessons are fun, but we never forget that safety is serious business – our students practice their skills fully clothed, just in case they fall in with their clothes on. They also practice with their siblings or other relatives. With Swim Life, water safety is a family affair!

Your child can enhance her skills either privately, or in group lessons once or twice per week with children who are around the same age and skill level.

Swim Life Swim FUNdamentals can teach 3-4 year olds additional skills working toward the basics of the four competitive strokes while still utilizing the float for breathing and safety. Our stroke development lessons teach students ages 5 and up the basics of all four competitive strokes. We can prepare your child for a lifetime of swimming for fitness, FUN or novice swim team preparation!.