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Swim Life specializes in swim lessons that are custom tailored for each student's needs and the goals of each parent.  Using a gentle, fun approach to learning, we consider each student's learning style, emotional needs, physical abilities and skill level.  Our instructors are equipped to provide the safest, most effective individualized lessons for every student.

Swim Life lessons offer a unique, holistic approach to learning to swim; Utilizing toys and games, and honoring the physical, cognitive and emotional development and well being of every student.  Parents may choose to participate in lessons or to remain poolside.  We want the learning experience to be as enjoyable as possible for both child and parent!

Swimming BabyWe Believe

  • Everyone should learn to swim!  And those who learn at an early age are safer in and around the water and tend to enjoy water activities throughout their lives.
  • Learning to swim can improve a child's physical, intellectual and emotional development as well as build coordination, self-confidence and social skills.
  • Swimming is a family activity that can be enjoyed safely once children are skilled.  Swimming as a family can create wonderful memories and provide an abundance of bonding opportunities.
  • Flotation devices are not a substitute for supervision or skills and should never be relied upon for an unskilled child's safety in the water.
  • No one should ever be considered "drownproof," regardless of skills in the water. A multi-layered approach is the only way to prevent drowning. Supervision...Alarms...Fencing...Water Watcher program...Learn to swim...Know CPR! Read More...
  • Consistent participation in developmentally appropriate lessons builds successful, confident and happy swimmers...for life!
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Infant SwimHow We Teach

Focusing on the formula of skill + confidence = fun & safety, our goal is that all of our students know what to do if they fall in the water BEFORE they are taught how to play and have fun in it.  We offer child focused lessons with this progression in mind:

  • Safety
  • Independent Swimming and Floating
  • Skill Maintenance
  • Fun Days & Parent Days
  • Stroke FUNdamentals
  • Snorkeling & More!                        


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